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In the popular hair color of the past two years, the gray system is really hot, and many foreign fashion bloggers are loyal fans of gray hair! How do you dye gray hair?

Although it is Shilian ash, in fact, if you don't look carefully, you can't see how big the difference is with the grandmother's ash.

It's also gray, it's cool and very stylish. Many magazine models have dyed this shade of gray, and there is a feeling of elves.

Of course, Shilian Grey can not only be used to shoot fashion movies, but also to make concave shapes in daily street shooting and self-timer. Matching sexy red lips is not awkward, no sense of disobedience.

A pair of round or irregular styling glasses, plus a cute short bangs, really don't be too fashionable.

However, the light color of the hair color is naturally more harmful to the hair, the process of dyeing hair may be more troublesome, the small partner who dyed the hair should have a deep understanding.

However, when I saw my beautiful hair at the moment of dyeing, I could imagine it when I was excited.